by Chris Jones

We regularly commute by bike from our pad in the Upper Haight down to our office on the Embarcadero and have been curious as to how the closure of Market Street to east bound car traffic would affect our morning commute. Well, we're pleased to report that everything went swimmingly. Cross traffic was heavier than usual but most drivers seemed aware of what was going on. A few of the fattest of the City's finest were stationed in the middle of the intersections of 8th and Market and 6th and Market to direct ignorant drivers off the street. Only a few SUV drivers managed to barrel through obliviously. These cretins soon learned their lesson, as we cyclists shook our fists and hurled invective at them. Ok, not really.

The only other incident of note was when a friendly homeless wandered out into the street to greet us and a few of our fellow cyclists. "Mmmrph Market grrmp closed hungh you like? Heh heh heh Kaff! Kaff! Kaff! Snarch! Kaplooey!" he said.

Also, we even shaved five minutes off our commute time. We look forward to many more car free mornings.