While friend of SFist Eye On Blog's Britteny Gilbert is none too thrilled to see these LED snowflakes -- presumably meant to signify winter, which signifies the holiday season, which, come now, signifies the sheer delight that is Christmas -- we couldn't be more thrilled. Why? Because Christmastime is RAD. Whatever, it totally is. We look forward to it, while silently disagreeing with you Jesus haters who complain that it arrives too early each year. (Impossible!) See, the Glory of Christmas involves gift receiving, winter's chill, family fights, asking if you hear what we hear, binge drinking, chocolate mint-laced everything, layered clothing, and the bittersweet melancholy that comes with knowing that you're going to spend, yet again, another holiday season alone.

Anyway, the LED snowflake lights, which you can read all about via the great Leah Garchik, have been turned on early this year for some reason. While we applaud this decision, hopefully it doesn't mean the Market Street Association has turned into a bunch of nerkles.