Wow. OK. At an appearance onstage at South San Francisco Day in Orange Memorial Park on Saturday, a PETA member got up on stage and smacked a guy dressed as Ronald McDonald in the face with a vegan custard pie.

PETA tells SFist:

The protest is part of PETA's campaign to convince McDonald's to switch to an improved slaughter method that would eliminate the worst abuses of chickens, including having their legs slammed into shackles, often breaking them, and being scalded to death.

This brings to mind a bone-shatteringly brilliant story care of Vogue editor Anna Wintour. In an effort to get back at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, "[Wintour] and Vogue publisher Ron Galotti once retaliated for a [PETA] protest outside the Condé Nast offices during the company's annual Christmas party by sending down a plate of roast beef." Really, this woman can do no wrong. We digress.

Check out more images from today's McNugget protest at Another shot from Saturday's creamy protest waits for you after the jump.