Oh jeez.

In addition to the now paltry 9.3% fee hike approved back in May, the University of California is discussing raising student fees an additional 32%, which would make "annual undergraduate tuition over the $10,000 level for the first time ever." Gulp.

The brainiacs at the Daily Clog have the numbers that will make you and your degree in comparative literature wince. Behold:

  • 7.5 percent increase for spring 2010
  • UC tuition up to $10,302
  • Undergrads pay $2,500 more
  • Most grad students also paying 32 percent more
  • Undergrads (as graduates do now)—if in engineering or business—pay up to $1000 more than other students
  • Enrollment reduced by 2,300 for the second year in a row

"It's really coming out of left field," president of the UC Students Association and a UC Santa Cruz undergraduate Victor Sanchez told Contra Costa Times. "What you're going to see is an astronomical drop in the number of students able to attend."