Still hoping to ride his oppressively green platform all the way to Sacramento, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom has had solar panels installed at two housing projects: Hayes Valley North and South, and Plaza East. This makes said housing communities "some of the first" projects in the country to get them. It's all part of the Go Solar SF initiative, a program that offers incentives to SF residents and businesses (which could be anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 for residents and up to $10,000 for businesses) who install solar power on their properties.

KCBS reports:

According to Mayor Gavin Newsom, on a per-capita basis, San Francisco has more solar panels installed than any other city in the state. He hopes the state will ultimately come up with a loan program as well. "I don't know a city in the country that can make this kind of claim, and we're very close at getting this revolving loan program out and to the public and that will be the ultimate incentive, even though at this point there's no greater incentive than San Francisco's solar incentives."
. Newsom also promises that more solar panels scattered on rooftops equal more jobs, which makes California totally the bestest place in the world to live. But only because of Newsom. Listen to the full report, right here.