The Project on Government Oversight sent Mother Jones and Gawker some delightful snapshots of a festive party hosted at Camp Sullivan, the home to the ArmorGroup guards folk who protect and serve nearby US embassy compound in Kabul.

See, it seems the State Department security contractors over there like to party. A lot. Some of their celebratory hijinks include: drinking vodka skimmed off of another man's sphincter, anal sex simulation, dressing like women, and other homoerotic behavior you can find on any given night at the Powerhouse.

Above are some shots from the action. Or are they photos from the last Folsom Street and Dore Alley fairs? See if you can tell the difference. (Warning: some of the following pics are NSFW, just plain icky.)

Oh, and go to Gawker to find out what happened to the security contractors after these images were published.