Today's guest blogger? Brace yourselves. It's zombie of zombietime. For those of you uninitiated with this local, highly entertaining, not-left-learning blog, zombie features some of the greatest shots of protesters and locals acting like the Bay Area stereotypes that they are.

Oh, and for the record, SFist is a big Violet Blue fan.

Take it away, zombie.

  • Vanilla-phobic SFGate plumbing columnist Violet Blue displayed exquisitely bad timing with her recent column defending registered sex offenders -- shortly before two high profile cases grabbed the headlines: First, a serial rapist was released in East Palo Alto to howls of outrage by local residents; Second, a long-time registered sex offender was discovered to have imprisoned a young girl as his sex slave for 18 years on his property in Antioch -- while neighbors remained unaware of his history.
  • Speaking of which, The Claycord blog has been smoking the competition in the Jaycee Dugard case; not only did a lowly blogger scoop all major news outlets in breaking the story, but it's continued to have the best coverage, proving once again that is a prototype for how great blogs can be.

  • And as if on cue: According to Media Bistro, the is already starting to fire the first of its 300 mandated new layoffs this week -- as the paper continues to hemorrhage $1 million a week, further accelerating the collapse of the traditional newspaper industry.

  • For your daily dose of spooky science, U.C. Berkeley PhD Beverly Rubik (no relation to the cube) tonight lectures on her attempts to measure the soul using neurofeedback electrodes on the heads of expert meditators.

  • The "Marooned in Marin" blog has a new scathing exposé about Oakland's own Van Jones (now elevated by Obama to be the nation's "Green Jobs Czar"), pointing out his radical (and we do mean radical) past Bay Area activism.

  • Local San Francisco Bush-era protesters once again became part of the national discussion this month as zomblog's recap of threats against Bush at protests and Bush=Hitler comparisons reversed the media's narrative about the menacing town hall protests.

  • Another example of a local specialized blog outshining traditional media, BART Rage keeps daily tabs on BART goings on -- from which stations to avoid because of police activity to the politics of union negotiations.

  • FLOAT, "The San Francisco Bay Area's Only Floatation Center/Art Gallery" has an intriguing exhibit of "Brilliant playful creatures, and junk yard kinetic art" now ongoing in their unique Oakland space.

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