An old tuna cannery in Bayview Hunters Point, condemned after the Loma Prieta earthquake, has turned into some sort of hot spot for vandals or graffiti artists, depending on which side of the vandalism-as-art debate you're standing. Anyway, SF Weekly has a glorious tribute to the place, filled loads of equally glorious pictures.

But one peek inside the immense building - now completely boarded up and guarded by a tall chain-linked fence - reveals it has hardly been abandoned. What appears on the outside as an industrial wasteland is, on the inside, perhaps the largest living canvas for graffiti artists in the entirety of San Francisco.

If trespassing and hanging out in Bayview-Hunter's Point is your bag, you'll want to visit it soon. Caltrans, who owns the property, will tear the place down in mid-September. Check out more images at What I'm Seeing.

In related public art news, that abandoned hotel with defenestrated art adorning the outside at 200 Sixth Street, the Hugo Hotel, "is slated to be demolished and replaced with low-cost housing if its owners lose an eminent domain court battle scheduled to begin today." Examiner has the entire story.