Today's guest blogger? Phil Bronstein. Oooohhhhh, is right. While almost every blogger in this city has an overinflated sense of their own internet celebrity status, Phil Bronstein is an actual star, not to mention a real journalist. Executive Vice President, Former Chronicle Editor, and now Editor At Large for Hearst Newspapers, he also writes Bronstein At Large.

Phil, it's all yours.

  • Arnold pumps Twitter, finds out he has a surplus because "legalize and tax it" doesn't use up the 140 character budget. [BayNewser]
  • An eatery, a philsophy, and a better personalized plate than "HOOTERS". TGIF. [Sexpigeon]
  • Just when it looked like a solid plan -- the media runs out of Kennedys. [Bad Reporter]
  • Don't worry newspaper newsrooms, the perfect e-Reader is right around the corner. [Consumerist & Mediaite]
  • Craig, of the digital version of the classifieds, touts the digital homage to Chronicle Watch: SeeClickFix. [cnewmark]
  • We learned in Transformers 2 that everything on the internet is true. Gavin announces San Francisco's economy is sound, just not which sound. [Mayor's Press Room via Gavin's Blog]
  • Around the world in a knot of Google relationships. It's not all free, but it's family. [Valleywag]
  • The painful revelation of human frailty never felt as good as it does in August: Osage County, where you can leave your devices at home for the evening . [SFAppeal]
  • Everybody can benefit from the rules of a good editor. Even (especially?) the Glenn Becks who object to being ruled. [The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs]
  • Not to get all Andy Rooney, but in my day guerillas were in the jungle and the sneakiest thing about a drive-in was what went on in the back seat. [Indybay]

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