Today's guest blogger taking charge of Day Around the Bay? Beth Spotswood. She writes for SFGate and SFAppeal. Also, she has a site of her very own, which is a must-read. Of course.

Take it away, Beth.

  • An honest and visually stunning tribute to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. [Generic]
  • Pretty fabulous glamour shot for 2 bucks. [What I’m Seeing]
  • I’m a firm follower of #4 in Ryan’s “5 Tips to Survive the Ghettos of San Francisco." [Broke Ass Stuart]
  • In keeping with the Top 5 Lists, give in to TK’s Guilty Pleasures. [40 Going on 28]
  • Glossy mag 7x7 announced their “Style Council,” whatever that means. (Congrats to my very cool and funny Le Club friend Phillip Gums.) [7x7]
  • Gutenberg visits Mission Burger with a camera. [Bunrab]
  • You can buy a condo for like, the change you find in your couch. "What is this, Detroit?" [SFGate]
  • Wanna flirt with Matt Gonzalez at an endorsement party TONIGHT? [Fog City Journal]
  • Mac ‘n Cheese Food Wars? Sounds messy. [Beer and Nosh]

  • Like explaining an ATM machine to an elderly person, Yahoo tells us what “tech words” aren’t cool anymore. [Yahoo Finance]

  • Where to go if your friends don’t throw good parties. [SFAppeal]