Eye On Blogs brings this poll to our attention. Asylum, a gentlemen's online magazine that features articles like "10 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl With Huge Boobs" and "Look Glourious in Brad Pitt's Crisply Caribbean White Suit," came up with the top four manliest restaurants in the U.S. San Francisco, strangely enough, made the list, snatching the best-in-the-west title with the Mission district's Zeitgeist.

Here's why Zeitgeist is one of the top XY chromosome carriers.

Manliest Restaurant in the West: Zeitgeist Location: San Francisco You want a burger? Well, do you, punk? Then you better shout your order loudly at this rowdy burger spot with a great garden, bloody Marys and, of course, burgers. These patties are the real San Francisco treat. And as if to answer prayers, the Tamale Lady shows up at 7 p.m.

Davina Baum of Chow writes: "When hunger strikes, the hamburgers and home fries do the trick (if you can hear your name barked over the din)."

Also, the row of porta-potties in lanai marks it as a boy hot spot.

But what about the ladies? What San Francisco restaurant could be deemed the womanliest, you ask? That title would have to go to Ghirardelli Square's Crown & Crumpet.