SFist reader Mike sent us the following narrative about a suspicious parking ticket situation that went down this afternoon. Behold.

Tuesday, August 25th, high noon 2nd and Folsom

I see a traffic cop reverse his 3-wheeler about four car lengths in order to park behind a white Honda Civic on 2nd and Folsom. After nearly running into a black Towncar, the bike-helmet-clad cop immediately jumps out with tickets in hand. Noticing the meter is not expired, I walk over to inform Mr. Meter Maid.

Me: (politely) "Excuse me, sir."
Mr. Meter Maid: (abruptly) "Is this your car?"
Me: (surprised) "Um, no. I was just..."
Mr. Meter Maid: (now grimacing): "Then don't say anything."
Me: (shocked): "I was just going to say that it looks like there's still time on the meter."
Mr. Meter Maid: Ignores me and writes a ticket.
Me: (getting pissed) "Do you want to take a look at the meter? It still has 16 minutes on it."
Mr. Meter Maid: Pretends to not hear me, buys time by filling out the ticket, then walks over to the meter to see if I'm telling the truth.
Me: (confused when he goes back to writing the ticket) "Ok. I'm going to take some pictures and send them to your supervisor."
Mr. Meter Maid: Puts a ticket envelop on the car window and drives off to ruin someone else's day.

I walk back to work feeling bittersweet. Head down like Charlie Brown because this guy is a jerk and someone who didn't deserve a ticket got one, yet grinning because I knew my revenge would come on SFist.

Thanks, Mike. Well done.

Anyone else see something like this happen?