by Chris Jones

Today’s "In Marin" blog at SFGate (clearly inspired by this article in East Bay Express) reports that a former employee of local semi-raw foods, vegan eatery, Café Gratitude, has accused the operation of being a front for the 1970’s cult EST descendant, Landmark Forums. Y’all know Landmark Forums, that’s the one where they lock you in a room for two days, scream at you over and over again, and won’t let you leave to pee until you admit that you are a powerless piece of human garbage, or similar. Good times.

This writer has to admit that he actually liked Café Gratitude in the Mission the one time he visited, even though the sole reason for being there was to torment some visiting Scottish friends who had just finished a triathlon. The food was good, although the part where they made everyone in the restaurant laugh heartily for 60 seconds was kind of bizarre and off-putting. Anyway, should it matter that this restaurant, infamous for forcing customers to order each dish by its full name, positive self affirmations like, I’m Hung Like a Moose or I’m Hot and All the Boys Want to Kiss Me, is a front for a relatively harmless, if annoying, alternative spiritual group? Even if the food is pretty good?