by Moses Namkung

Did you miss out on buying tickets to the secret show for Sonic Youth at the Independent tonight? Never fear, they're available for... oh, wait... somebody's asking for the extortionary amount of $175, or 5x face, on craigslist!? For shame. If you aren't in the mood to shell out that kind of dough to see some aging rockers from two decades ago, you can still kind of get your 80's fix with Black Francis, aka the big, bald white guy from the Pixies, Frank Black, at Hotel Utah on Thursday and Friday.

Two other shows of note, both on Thursday, include Harlem, recently signed to Matador at Rickshaw Stop and The Dry Spells celebrating their CD release at Cafe du Nord. Otherwise, it's a bit of a slow week in the Bay Area, so to keep you entertained, here's a nice mixtape of KZSU digital sessions, courtesy of the recently and dearly departed SF music blogger ipickmynose.