Three hikers (Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal) were captured by Iranian authorities last week, "after they strayed across the border while hiking in Northern Iraq in a tourist area." Two of the three hikers placed under arrested in Iran have Bay Area connections. Bauer and Shourd are both UC Berkeley graduates who worked as freelance journos with New American Media. According to Bauer's website, he is a freelance journalist and photographer based in the Middle East." Bauer was "born in Minnesota and graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies." Shourd was an English major and describes herself as a "teacher-activist-writer." Former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now on the case. According to Associated Press, "Clinton said that Swiss diplomats who represent U.S. interests in Iran are asking officials from the Iranian Foreign Ministry for details but have not yet gotten official confirmation of the trio's arrest. She asked that Iran determine the facts of the case and to 'return them as quickly as possible.'"