The man who has spent his local political career championing the rights of the Tenderloin poor, the SRO-dwelling, and the owners of property more likely to be made of cardboard than of concrete, Supervisor Chris Daly is facing further scrutiny by the SF Appeal and Chron yet being defended by the Weekly this week -- all relating to the recent revelation of the purchase of not one but two homes in Fairfield, far afield of the district Daly represents. This of course follows on much e-ink already spilt and spread around in the past week on this subject, which is obvious fodder for Daly's detractors and brings forth a flood of eager defenders.

The latest Chron "scoop" (technically, SF Appeal had first crack) has to do with the fact that the Dalys purchased cash for both the houses in Fairfield, one of which is two doors down from Daly's father-in-law, Russel Low. Low runs a one-man real estate operation in Fairfield and likely encouraged the couple to purchase the second house (at a deep, pre-foreclosure discount) as an investment property.