SFist reader Stephanie Chu sent us this footage of some choice Muni drama. In her words:

I filmed this on a MUNI T train this morning on my way to work. I found it appalling that this woman would be so hateful towards a gay/transgender person - so I had no qualms about putting her face on the Internet. At one point, it got physical. The train was held up for about 10 minutes until she calmed down, then the cops came to take their statements. I thought it might be interesting to share how intolerance is still very much alive, even in liberal cities like SF.

Apparently, she works at a hospital (she wore scrubs) off of the T line, I am guessing UCSF Mission Bay.

Hard to imagine not being on the receiving end of a serious beat down after screaming "faggot ass" on a crowded Muni train. Check out the footage after the jump.