Eric Jaye, Mayor Gavin Newsom's campaign manager, quit Newsom's gubernatorial campaign today. Why? Who knows why, exactly. Jaye, who has seen Newsom through Care Not Cash to "whether you like it or not" to battles with sweet Peruvian flake, "has been pushing a campaign strategy that would keep Newsom in the public's eye with media events on everything from green energy to food policy," report Matier & Ross. But Newsom's new strategist, Garry South, former adviser to failed Gov. Gray Davis, M&R go on to say, "has been advocating a more traditional approach that would depend on Newsom working the phones and raising money."

What's more, and this is just delicious speculation from savvy media players, Gavin might have had Jaye "resign" after two recent awful Chron stories basically exposed Newsom as a fibber.