by Chris Jones

So, it'll be made all official today that Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier will be running for State Insurance Commissioner. Alioto-Pier, who fell out of a ski lift at the age of 13 and has been wheelchair bound ever since, in way of qualification, states, "I've easily had more personal experience with insurance companies than any of the other candidates."

Fair enough. This writer just wonders what Alioto-Pier's stance is on single payer health care for the people of the State of California. How about it, Michaela? Single payer health care for all? No? How about night nurses for all new moms? A code of conduct for all insurance companies?

Apparently, her candidacy is fervently opposed by a large clique of the city's democratic party machine. Last Tuesday, in reaction to rumors that Supervisor Alioto-Pier would be seeking this office, young firebrand Chris Daly and aged preservationist Aaron Peskin threw together an impromptu rally on the steps of City Hall in support of Assemblymember Dave Jones, who is also seeking the Insurance Commissioner's office. Jones, by the way, is a clear supporter of single payer health care.