Since people now swill the stuff, wash their hair with it. and even use it as a disinfectant (if you reacal, Monica used Chandler's to get rid of a nasty jellyfish sting, but since they ended up marrying each other a few seasons later, that was probably golden shower-related foreplay more than anything else), it makes sense that scientists have now figured out a way to power your car with urine. Yes, one day soon, your pee might make your Prius even greener -- well, a lighter green to be exact. How so? According to , a scientist at Ohio University, Garardine Botte, has "developed a catalyst capable of extracting hydrogen from urine." Said hydrogen would then be used to start your car.

See, the problem with using hydrogen as an alt fuel is its production; the amount of energy used to extract and distribute it makes Mother Nature scream in terror. But Botte's current electrolyzer "eliminates such problems because it’s small enough to integrate into an automobile. Urine is also readily available -- your body produces two to three liters of it each day, and it is the most abundant form of waste on the planet. We could treat waste water while fueling our cars."

Sadly, Botte hasn’t "gotten much in the way of federal funding for the project," even though she has worked with the Department of Defense to develop pee technology for war. (Great.) But if all goes Botte's way, we could be taking a leak right into our gas tanks every morning. That is, if the oil companies don't start going after our bladders.