Not sure if any of you caught this story in the Weekly this week, but just in case you didn't, and just in case you have kids, make sure to train them in the fine art of screaming as a molester deterrent.

The story, penned by Ashley Harrell, definitely veers in the direction of sensationalist outrage (at least ten unaccompanied children have been reportedly molested on planes in the last decade, but almost certainly there've been more!), and begins with the story of an Oakland youngster who returned home from a trip to a fat camp in Philadelphia only to have her newly trim frame admired and purportedly touched by one Jackson Senyonga, a well known Ugandan religious figure who is now being sued by the girl's mother in San Francisco court.

Read the whole story if you must, but the general gist is this: Just as in life, at school, at the playground, and at church, there are bad men on airplanes who want to fondle unaccompanied little children, and everyone should at all times be vigilant about said men.