Hey, don't blame us for the feces-related headline. If it were up to us, we would've stuck in another "i." See, Twitter for Sh-tters is this: a "grassroots" Twitter campaign to get people to pay attention to the serious lack of proper poopers in other countries. Wherever The Need (WTN) "aims to alleviate poverty and ill health through the implementation of environmentally-sound sanitation and water solutions that empower individuals and communities without undermining traditions and cultures." Targeting such regions as India, Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone, WTN wants to "provide sanitation solutions by building specialized eco-sanitation (eco-san) toilets, and to facilitate the conversion of human waste for local agriculture usage." Cool, but how does this involve Twitter, you ask? Well, the idea is that Twitter users can follow TFS and invite their followers to donate to WTN or just raise awareness while grossing them out. Also, if you decide to join WTN, "you pledge to spend a day tweeting about shit (literally, or not, up to you) to raise money for Wherever the Need." Which could be fun. Or, possibly reduce your number of followers. For more information, visit www.twitterforsh-tters.com, or follow the them on Twitter. Because fecal matter matters.