The big tabloid-crime news story of the day is the connection being made between a body found last week in a McLaren Park homeless encampment (which was apparently once attached to this severed leg, and was not, as investigators first thought, that of a woman but in fact was a man's) and the murderous folks from Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland. The bakery, as you may recall, was connected to the 2007 murder of Chauncey Bailey, a journalist who had been investigating trouble at the bakery.

Based on tattoos and other evidence, the latest victim is believed to be Omar Sharif Allah (a.k.a Ronnie Brown), who disappeared in October 2007 -- hence the difficulty in identifying the remains. The body of another victim of the bakery's unraveling, Waajid Bey -- who had led the bakery/cult/gang briefly in 2003/04 -- was found in similar circumstances in 2004, wrapped in a tarp, with duct tape and in a shallow grave on a fire trail in the Oakland hills. Authorities now see the crimes as being connected, and will likely charge Yusef Bey IV or one of his accomplices. Bey is currently awaiting trial on kidnapping charges, and will likely also face trial in the slaying of Bailey and two other murders in the summer of 2007. JFYI, the bakery is currently closed and vacant, but Bey's mother and a few other family members recently opened a separate location at 4051 MLK called Your Community Café and Bakery. Be sure to try their Blood-Red Velvet Cake. "Taste of the hereafter" is right!