The Weekly's All Shook Down blog has this new interview with local DJ Jeffrey Paradise (the artist formerly known as Jefrodisiac), who along with DJ Richie Panic started Frisco Disco at Arrow Bar a few years back, and who's now helming a monthly '90s party at 111 Minna called Club 1992. The general idea is more Backstreet Boys and Yo MTV Raps! than Seattle grunge, and Paradise feels like nostalgia for the '90s has finally come into its own.

"The '80s have been a staple retro throw back era, it was kinda easy to categorize the '80s fashion and music and movies. Whereas the '90s were all over the map. Finally enough time has passed from the '90s that we've been able to connect the dots from the early '90s - mid '90s - late '90s and the fashions that go along with it. Now '90s fashion is all the rage."

We personally are not sure we're ready for the ironicizing of TLC and early Britney, but then again the wave of '80s nostalgia seemed to hit around 1994, so maybe we're already five years behind on this one?