Under the misguided belief that gays are capable of digestion during Gay Pride weekend, came up with a handy guide to the top five food/drink items for next week's queer festivities. In order of gayness, they are as follows: #5, Sexy Boy sandwich ("thinly sliced ribeye steak and mozzarella sticks") at Ike's Place, 3506 - 16th Street; #4, Lesbionic maki ("white tuna rolled in tempura rice noodle over spinach") at Crazy Sushi, 3232 - 16th Street; #3, Bloody Maria Montez (tequila, chipotle and vodka) at Harvey's, 500 Castro; #2, The Tranny Chaser ("champagne and white peach puree" -- mmm) at QBar, 456 Castro; and #1... well, you'll have to check out the original post to see what gets the top spot. (Har.)

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