We all laughed at Deborah Perez. We all chuckled when she (and her batshit insane lawyers) held a press conference at the SF Chronicle building to announce, among other things, that Perez helped write the Zodiac Killer's letters, stitch his masks, and go with him on his murder sojourns. We chortled when she said that her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, was the famous killer. We were all, 'duuuude, what?' when claims came out that Perez might have thought at one time that she was JFK's biological daughter.

Well, Perez may have the last laugh. Although we can't find it online, both KRON4 and ABC7 reported this morning that the SFPD, who are questioning the Zodiac Killer's alleged daughter this morning, will reveal that Perez's forensic and DNA evidence matches the evidence they have on '70s serial killer.

Stay tuned for further updates.