There's a fun editorial in today's Examiner. It involves the "mysterious driver malady" that affects Muni drivers on Mondays and Fridays. According to the article, "On May 1, a Friday, nearly 22 percent of Muni’s 1,632 scheduled operators were “unavailable” -- 132 called in sick, but no less than 112 just failed to report for their shifts. They were marked down as taking 'unplanned leave,' a catchall category that also includes claimed injuries, suspensions or getting sick during a run." But wait, it gets better. The items goes on to say that "t[t]he AWOL rate was even higher the following Monday, May 4, when 113 drivers didn’t arrive to start their routes." And best of all, there's little to no consequences for no-show drivers. Muni spokesperosn Judson True, however, claims that the truancies are "being steadily reduce." In better news, Muni might finally get rid of redundant stops, thus improving your transit times. So, you know, there's that.