Zagat drops their San Francisco Nightlife edition tomorrow. Survey top-spot winners include Auberge du Soleil ("overall appeal"), the St. Regis Lobby Lounge ("décor"), the Four Seasons Bar ("service," "cocktail expertise," "quiet conversation"), Absinthe ("popularity"), El Rio ("queer"), La Trappe ("beer"), Toronado ("dive," "jukeboxes"), Hotel Biron ("wine"), and Specs ("best buy"). Oh and, hey, look: here's the Zagat guide getting a nod on How I Met Your Mother, a show that makes us want to rip off our eyelids and smash our face through a window. Anyway, if we can move away from the press release for a second, we have to admit that the Zagat Nightlife Guide does comes in handy, especially if you're a slave uncovering new local nightspots in which to get trashed. So, invitations to tomorrow's top-drawer Zagat launch party aside, we totally recommend it.