SFist's post on Gary Radnich's on-air blood loss made it on KRON 4 News this morning via the loverly Darya Folsom. (Woo hoo! Even though they don't read us! Ahem.) The newsteam (who, by the way, run neck-and-neck with Good Day LA to win the title of Most Entertaining Morning News) brought up yesterday's blood talk again. Why? Well, it seems TMZ ran a bit about it, and Inside Edition called to interview the KRON 4 sportscaster about the mini-hemorrhaging. (Radnich, in a stroke of genius, turned down the interview because he can't stand their shit.)

For those of you unfamiliar with KRON 4 News, we beg you to check out KRON 4 Classic Moments, featuring Gary's infamous "Fire Drill" moment.