We've heard the new Disney/Pixar movie Up is fantastic, and we're not going to knock it or sing its praises here because we haven't seen it, and, well, we don't usually do movie reviews (trailer is after the jump).

But we were kind of amused to see Peter Hartlaub -- Senior Culture Editor at the Chron and a contributor to their baby blog The Poop -- saying that he thought he'd figured out which Victorian with a bay window in the Oakland/Emeryville area (which happens to look like about 10,000 other Victorians in the Oakland/Emeryville area) the filmmakers at Pixar used as a model for the home of cranky old man character Carl Fredricksen. He notes that it is raised up on cinder blocks, which would have aided in allowing the animators to render its underside. Sure. Yeah. But maybe Peter's getting a little stir crazy being a house-husband? Just a guess. No judgment.