This just in from the SFBike mailing list.

Does anyone know if this guy is OK? No Darwin jokes please.

Park Station Officers responded to Divisadero and Golden Gate Ave with regard to a injury accident bicycle versus vehicle. The officers contacted the bicycle rider who stated he was riding his friend's "track bike" that does not have brakes down Golden Gate Ave. The bike is stopped by skidding. The rider was skidding down the hill when the bottom bracket broke. The rider said he attempted to lose speed by "Fred Flinstoning it," straddling the center bar and dragging his feet on the road. The rider was going fast and he ran through the red light. The rider turned right on Divisadero, unable to stop, he hit the center median and catapulted over his bike and into an oncoming truck. The rider was transported to SFGH.

So, anyone see what went down? Is the rider OK? No offense aimed at fixed-gear riders or "hipsters" (an aside: unless you too are sharp enough to put a modicum of thought into that you wear in the morning, please don't poke fun at hipsters, people; not everyone needs to dress like your office's autistic IT guy), but you need to be careful on the road, fixie types. This brakelessness sounds ever so dangerous. Really, we fret.

Also, creationist humor only in the comments, please.

Also plus, tonight is Critical Mass. You've been warned / have fun.