The story of Fluffy the cat, which shed light, love and joy to tens of thousands of San Franciscans this week, has taken a tragic turn. The month-long-missing cat that an SFPD officer helped rescue has just been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. According to SF Weekly, "[t]he cat was so malnourished from being locked in that house ... that he was forced to take Fluffy to an emergency vet. And, once there, the feline's blood work revealed that Fluffy has terminal leukemia." Although Fluffy is now living comfortably, gained most of his weight back, and has turned into a "purring machine" since his rescue, the cat will, most likely, be put down very soon. That said, even elderly sick pets need lots of love too. (And purchasing cats or dogs from breeders is, inarguably, downright vile.) Maybe you have a big heart and a little space to care for one?