This year marks the 40th anniversary of the peace-, love- and mud-fest known as Woodstock, and organizers of a free, commemorative concert in San Francisco are being threatened with a very un-peaceful and unloving cease and desist order from Woodstock Ventures, a New York-based organization that claims to hold the right to the Woodstock name. As SF Weekly's All Shook Down blog reports, the SF organizers do not plan to comply with the order, and are, as of now, going ahead with planning the October 25th concert, claiming that San Francisco has as much of a right to celebrate as any city -- with 18 of the groups who played at the 1969 festival hailing from San Francisco. As the Weekly puts it, "It's never a good thing when hippies fight. Especially aging hippies." We hope they work it all out, and we also hope Grace Slick will be there.