Not sure how much this budget-by-ballot blitz just cost us, but with 17% of precincts reporting, five of the six ballot measures in today's special election appear to have failed, with 60%+ of voters saying NO to propositions 1A through E.

Proposition 1F, which gives a small fuck you to the legislature and curbs their salaries until this mess gets cleaned up, has so far got 75% saying YES. Good job, everyone. This has been fun.

7:45 AM UPDATE: Percentages stayed pretty much the same by the time all votes were in, with the NO votes on 1A-E actually rising a bit to 66% is some cases. The Governator has noted your frustration, Californians, and says, "Now we must move forward from this point to begin to address our fiscal crisis with constructive solutions." Wonder what those'll be... a few more ballot measures and another special election in the fall? We can only dream.