For those of you who still find political satire knee-slappingly hilarious -- i.e., those of you who laugh a bit too loudly at Shakespeare comedy previews at the Embarcadero Cinemas -- you don't want to miss this new action figure of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Created by -- who have also fashioned figures in the likes of Rod Blagojevich, Bernie Madoff, John McCain and Barack Obama -- Pelosi comes complete with a power suit, saucer eyes, and a mini waterboard that reads "Water Board: Fun for the Whole Family." (If you recall, Pelosi is in trouble for claiming she didn't know about war crime-worthy torture techniques approved by the Bush administration, going so far as to say the C.I.A. lied to her. Even though, you know, she probably knew about what was going on the entire time.) You can fondle your very own Pelosi doll for a mere $49.95. But according to NBC Bay Area, is already backed up with 250 pre-sale orders.