Since many of you who smoke cigarettes -- dirty, filthy, rapey cigarettes that makes The Baby Jesus cry -- we know it's hard for you to always find a makeshift ashtray in which to trash them. Which is why most of you toss them on the street or out your car window. Now, however, Gavin Newsom, who hates smokie treats, wants the cleanup cost of picking up said butts to fall on smokers' shoulders via a new a new citywide fee. The proposal, which will go before the Board of Supervisors next month, "would add 33 cents to the cost of a pack of cigarettes, to offset the estimated $10.7 million the city spends annually removing discarded butts from gutters, drainpipes and sidewalks," reports the New York Times. What's more, according to Newsom, this added fee might (but probably not since addicts will find a way to get their fix) help smokers kick the habit. "In general, fees help reduce the consumption and use of tobacco ... and we think that will have a very beneficial public health component.” [via Curbed]