Oh, this is adorable. After Craigslist (sort of) agreed to remove the ads, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has given Craigslist until 5 p.m. today to remove their 'erotic services' section. (Though according to SFBG, you have until Tuesday to hire your very own bell du jour.). This move, if the fine folks over at Craigslist choose to act on, will literally have zero effect on crime and/or pay-for play ads. While Craigslist list did not say, exactly, if and how they plan on removing the controversial ads, Craigslist attorney Bart Daniel, according to KTVU, "intends to work things out with the attorney general." (As of 9:30 a.m., the sexy section remains open.) Oh, and McMastrer says he'll "he'll monitor the site's changes." If no changes are made, it seems, company executives "could be
charged with aiding and abetting prostitution." Which will never, ever happen.