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Seeing as how SFist almost ruined this year's Bay to Breakers race (you're welcome!) after posting this map indicating places to buy hooch along the race route -- which resulted in a more aggressive and drunken race than years prior-- we've decided against publishing this map indicating where participants can purchase beer, wine, and other spirits while jogging.

Instead, SFist has posted this handy map showing Bay to Breaker runners where they can find "energizing stations." At these pit stops, B2B joggers can find Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, bottled water, Smart Water, toilet paper, $.99 bags of Doritos, Tums, blue magazines, tins of Vienna Sausages, kitty litter, Hot Pockets, cans of Tomato Juice, limes, toothpicks, and Lottery tickets.

Beginning at 8 a.m., Sunday's Bay to Breakers race starts at Howard and Beale, to the finish line on the Great Highway. The race travels through the City, up Hayes Hill and then through Golden Gate Park toward the Pacific. The zaniness ends at noon.

(Don't see a station on the map that should be? Let us know in the comments.)

UPDATE: The remarkable Joe Kukura updated the map, complete with additions and a hand guide to go along with the map. More details after the jump.