There have been four new laws proposed this year that would make it harder for landlords to raise rents and evict tenants. Three of the laws would increase the rights of rent-controlled tenants by allowing them to add roommates and by suspending or limiting rent increases that are a hardship. The fourth law would give eviction protection to tenants in non-rent-controlled units, specifically homes that are being foreclosed.

As noted in SF Gate's comments, the irony is that if it weren't for rent control and the strict eviction laws already in place, landlords often wouldn't have to foreclose. They have to pay their bills too. Additionally, there's still no protection for master tenants who end up with deadbeat roommates, who can't be lawfully evicted. Personally, we've always had awesome and sympathetic landlords, who were willing to work with us when needed. It pays to be a good judge of character from the get-go. How about you, readers, what's your input on this hot issue?