In a meeting filled with local online notables -- that is to say, Streetsblog, the Guardian, SF Weekly, former D6 candidate Paul Hogarth, your mother -- the Board of Supervisors plans on voting on the Muni budget, which is white hot with interest. So far that solar thing is the topic on-hand, with Eric Mar, D1 supe saying, "I did my homework and... this is a good deal for the city... for the interest of our city's climate change plans. I'll be supporting the project as is, and not supporting any delays." New papa Ross Mirkarimi quipped, "We should not be seduced by eco-chic proposals ... [The cost] of renewable energy, will come down precipitously." And Chris Daly talked about Steven T Jones and something French. They should get to the SFMTA item soon. Hopefully. Anyway, through it all, one thing is for sure: the Board of Supervisors feel very, very important today. So, give them a moment of your time by checking out SF Appeal, who are live blogging today's BOS meeting right now. Update: "It's just been continued! To later in the meeting!" SFMTA budget = eleventh hour song.