"We're at the point now where we can't get down to zero (deficit) without tough decisions," Newsom said. "I hate the idea of raising fares. I don't want to cut Muni service. But I ask (critics), 'What ideas do you have that do not eviscerate public safety and health and human services?' "

Not only was he quoted, he was quoted quoting himself! Talented man, that Gavin. But even he has his limits - he wants other people to come up with some ideas. Why don't we look for some on the Internet?

- The N Judah Chronicles has had a few good ones - he's been warning about the fare-increase/service decrease death spiral for a couple of years.
- Rescue Muni has some thoughts. We never knew that 311 charges Muni $2 for every Muni-related call, for example. That seems high. But their recommendation to call 511 also seems like a bad idea. Those guys don't know the difference between a bus lane and hospital curve.
- SPUR seems to always have something to say.

That's just us, taking two minutes to poke around on the Internet, not even taking into account the dozens of highly-intelligent comments surely to show up in the Chronicle's comment section from people in Texas who somehow ride Muni enough to complain about homeless people taking up two seats! And we know that SFist commenters are even smarter! Have at it, guys - how would you save our ailing transportation system?