Next to promises of penile enlargements and bank accounts of Nubian royalty, the Webby Awards are one of the best scams on the interwebs these days. The Webby Awards, which are beyond a joke to insiders or anyone who has long since deleted their Prodigy account, were announced on Tuesday. Family Guy creator and meme thief Seth MacFarlane, former SNL star Jimmy Fallon, and (much to our surprise, concern) Mission Local were among the last night's top recipients. Because, of course, when you think of last year's leading voices on the online internet world wide web, you think of MacFarlane and Fallon.

For those of you who don't know, the Webby Awards, once a pithy albeit respectable attempt at honoring online notables, has gone from 17 categories (1997) to a staggering 129 (2009). And did we mention that you have to pay $275 to get nominated. Because you do. This pay-for-honor makes the People's Choice Award look like the Pulitzer Prize.

To check out who paid to win an award was honored with a trinket, go here. The Webby Award ceremony will be held in June. Winners and nominees (i.e., marketing teams) who want to attend the ceremony, by the way, will be charged an entrance ticket fee (which was somewhere around $250 back in 2006) in order to pick up their awards in-person.