It's a sad day, area men and women: Today's editions of the The Onion in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be the last. The paper was said to be laying off editors yesterday in those two cities, and the New York print edition is apparently doing only marginally better. Despite sharing their primary editorial content across every regional edition, the organization has been hit by the same forces killing off alternative weeklies and mainstream papers around the country -- craigslist classifieds, Yelp reviews, the general desire to retrieve information quickly via the web without killing tress -- and yeah, print is dead. The web arm of The Onion is sure to survive, and for now, so will regional print editions in Denver, NYC and throughout the Midwest.

We personally never understood who was turning to the locally based Onion A.V. Club for their concert listings and band interviews and we were continually surprised to find the section still appearing in the paper whenever we found a crumpled one under our seat on MUNI. But anyhow, the core writing staff won't go anywhere, so everyone can still read about murderous kittens and ironic shadow governments online. For now, we raise our glass to this headline: For Gay Couple, Fulfilling Lifelong Dream Of Marriage Not Worth Moving To Iowa

UPDATE: Company memo, after the jump.