Daring to go where no online writer in their right mind should ever, ever, ever go, SF Chronicle's Ryan Kim profiles SFGate's most "prolific" commenters, Kimble McSweeney, a Dallas resident. (!) During the first three months of 2009 alone, "McSweeney posted about 1,400 comments -- about 16 per day -- on a variety of stories." And much to our surprise, he's allegedly none too shabby when it comes to penning his thoughts on the Gate, or at least when compared to the others. (While not necessarily at the level of YouTube commenters, SFGate comments, much like arguing on the Internet, can lean toward the developmentally-disabled side -- or, as Kim too delicately puts it, "playground humor.")

Sadly, though, the article doesn't reveal the handles of either McSweeney or the other commenters profiled, Jon Nadelberg and Michael Lee. Which, while we would LOVE to know who they are online, makes sense.

Oh, and who are SFist's top five commenters, you ask? They are: #1, RobInSF; #2, fizzandpop; #3, aj; #4,oskarv; and coming in at #5, everyone's favorite insightful curmudgeon, The Angry Young Man. Ta-da.