Deborah Perez, the sanity-estranged woman who claimed that she was the Zodiac Killer's daughter on Wednesday has another outrageous claim regarding her DNA makeup: she also alleged to be the illegitimate, biological daughter of John F. Kennedy.


True crime writer and investigative journalist M. William Phelps, who worked with her briefly to look into her claims before realizing she was batshit nuts, had this to say.

I was extremely interested Debbie's story, for obvious reasons. It sounded good. Seemed to add up. I had a handwriting expert friend of mine working on samples she sent me (he has since died). I was going through all of the paperwork she had sent me. I checked her out as much as I could and she seemed to have a good standing. Then she called one day and told me she was JFK's illegitimate child and was with Robert and Rose Kennedy the day before Robert was murdered. And that's when I stopped talking to her. I felt duped at that point. The chances of her being the Zodiac's daughter are a million to one--the chances of her being both JFK's daughter and the Zodiac's daughter are a gazillion to none. I feel sorry for Debbie. I really do. That's why I never went public with her story. I just simply moved on. I get calls like that a few times a year from people claiming to be all sorts of things. I hardly take th[e]m as far or as serious as I did with Debbie

This woman is just not well. Neither are the attorneys and "investigators," namely disbarred lawyer Kevin McLean, who worked years cracking the bogus case.

David Fincher, you can sleep soundly tonight.