Power Exchange, the 13-year-old sex club formerly located at 72 Otis that shutdown last year due to financial difficulties, wanted to open again, this time at 44 Gough. All was going according to plan, until one perturbed citizen, Lisa Dunmeyer, a Brady Street resident, put the kibosh on the popular humping space. It seems that said sex club (allegedly) attracted an unsavory crowd, one that would embarrass her in front of her guests. "When she had friends over," reports Mission Local, "they couldn’t believe the action. Cars circled the block blasting music, and prostitutes walked up and down the street."

It was almost as if Dunmeyer was living in some sort of urban metropolitan area. Shudder.

Anyway, after spamming the neighborhood with "Did you know that a large sex club is opening in your neighborhood?" flyers, resulting in a high volume of calls to the San Francisco Planning Department, the club's re-opening was over before it began.

But fear not, sex club enthusiasts! Power Exchange co-owner Mike Powers tells SFGate, "I have an architect . . . [who] is VERY informed as to the unusual code enforcement activity against me. The Planning Department has its head in its posterior, DEEP, and doesn't know its own code." He goes on to say the club will open in about a month or so at a location TBA.