During this weekend's state Democratic convention in Sacramento, Gavin Newsom took aim at 71-year-old attorney general Jerry Brown. Newsom, who officially tossed his hat into the gubernatorial ring last week, told the crowd that the race for governor came down to a choice between a "sprint into the future" (i.e., Gav) or "a stroll down memory lane" (i..e, Brown, who earned the moniker "Governor Moonbeam" when he held the job way back in the 1970s). While not directly calling out Brown, who wants the job again in 2010, Newsom went on to say, "We're not a state of memories ... We're a state of dreams. We're Californians. We're not content to relive history. We're going to keep making it." In related news, an advisor for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, another contender in the Democratic primary for governor, slammed Newsom, saying Villaraigosa would not "Twitter while Rome burns" if he were elected. Ouch.