Prepared to take l'internet by storm, SF Chronicle just unveiled their new "e-edition" (which is sophisticated, high-tech talk for "electronic edition"). What is the "e-edition," you ask? Well, according to the advertisement, it's a "new way to enjoy the San Francisco Chronicle." The "e-edition," the press material goes on to say, "includes the same page layout, headlines and photographs as the San Francisco Chronicle, with the advantage of interactive features that can be viewed from any Internet connection, anytime." Still confused? Let us explains: See, it offers the readers an "exact digital replica of the San Francisco Chronicle," "easy navigation," "keyword search for stories, topics and people" (genius!), and "access to a 30-day archive" (whoa!).

Needless to say, this newfangled, paperless newspaper concept is a brilliant idea, one that might even catch on at some point in the future on the world wide web. And, get this, it's only $99 a year! To sign up for the "e-edition," go here. (Also, would you pay to read e-edition? Take a poll and let your voice be heard.)

You can also get SF Examiner's "E-Dition," which has been available for some time now, right here.