Sure is blustery today, isn't it? And to top it off, a wind advisory will be in place until 11 p.m. tonight. According to CBS 5 weather report:

Strong northerly winds will continue the rest of this afternoon and evening across most of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region. Wind gusts between 45 and 50 mph have been reported along the Sonoma and Marin coastline with similar gusts along the San Mateo coast. At San Francisco Airport wind gusts to 41 mph were reported just before noon

Northerly wind gusts to 45 mph will be possible across the advisory area but the strongest winds are expected to be near the coast and in the hills above 1000 feet. These wind gusts will be strong enough to bring down power lines... small branches and weak trees.


What does this mean? It means driving will be a bit difficult, so use caution; and keeping your hair nice and purdy might prove difficult, so it would be best to pull out the LA Looks gel if you have a date tonight.