Did you know you can get into the Academy of Sciences for free? True. Two ways, in fact. See, free admission is available on the third Wednesday of each month, or you can get in if you're a San Francisco resident and your neighborhood falls on one of their designated zip code days.

To check out a list of what day your nabe falls into the free zone, go here. Please note that you will have to provide one of these documents as proof of residency: postmarked envelope, postcard, or magazine label with name and date; driver's license or ID card issued in past six months; or utility bill (gas/electric/cable), bank statement, or letter from a government agency that has your name and home address.

Sadly, the Academy of Sciences failed to combine some of the zip codes for more spicy results. We do wish they had arranged to do Russian Hill and Bayview-Hunter's Point on the same day. Because that would've been rad. Alas.